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iPad important for Tourism Websites

If you operate a tourism business, this article in All Things Digital reports some important information about iPads. Full Article: Why Travel Related Mobile Ads Are Taking Off On The iPad Some of the key points are: “the overwhelming majority of iPad owners, or 91 percent, used their device for a travel-related activity. …Specifically, it […]

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Sweet Success for Honey Ant Readers

Margaret James is someone who feels passionate about early literacy.  Her years working in indigenous education in Central Australia led Margaret to conclude that not all Australians have fair access to the opportunity to be literate. So it is that Margaret became an advocate for Aboriginal education and for Aboriginal English as a language in […]

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2009 OM4Tourism Hidden Jewel Award Winner Announced

Another Hidden Jewel of Australian tourism has been uncovered, as Pop Sullivan’s Ross River Dam Boat Cruises takes out the OM4Tourism national award for 2009. To be on the only boat on a vast lake, teeming with over 200 species of water birds and fringed by an Australian landscape of mountains and savannah, echoing with […]

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Hidden Jewel Entry Date Extended

Well, I managed to well and truly drop the ball this week with our Hidden Jewel awards. Link: Hidden Jewel Awards 2009 Because of some delays (that with the beauty of 20:20 hindsight I might have avoided), the original closing date has been extended to 21 November (midnight EST). This should give enough time for those […]

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Announcing OM4Tourism Hidden Jewel Awards 2009

Press Release for the 2009 OM4Tourism Hidden Jewel Awards Hidden Jewel 2009 – win a tailored tourism website The stakes are higher than ever for this year’s OM4Tourism Hidden Jewel Awards, with one national winner set to take out one major prize. The winner of the national Hidden Jewel Awards 2009 will receive a five-star […]

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Crossing Australia with Marcus, Fiona and Wren

Marcus Brady is the Marketing Manager for Undara Experience.  In July he is off on holiday – a road trip across Australia, from Cairns to Adelaide, with his partner Fiona and their 3 year old daughter Wren. Earlier this year Marcus did our Blog School programme, and has got the blogging bug. Lucky for us […]

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