How to attract visitors all year round

Does your tourism business have a ‘low season’? Most do, although not all. For example, the south-west of Australia is particularly good at attracting visitors all year round, and has become known as a place to search for a winter getaway, as much as an escape route from the winter heat.

You only have to check Google’s Keyword Tool to see that Australians looking for a winter holiday often search in Australia’s south-west.

And now the Top End tourism operators are stretching their busy season to embrace the summer wet season too, encouraging visitors to experience the tropical environment in full flow.

If you’re looking to attract visitors all year round, you need to know what it is about your business that is likely to attract them to the cold southern winter, the windy coast, or the hot wet northern summer.

I mentioned Google’s Keyword Tool earlier – this is a seriously cool application that has recently been enhanced to enable you to see what people search for at different times of the year.

So not only can you find out what Australians are looking for throughout the year, but how their thinking changes from season to season.

You can see here what the search volume trends look like for winter getaway keywords month by month.

As you would expect, most holiday-makers are researching their winter break during the summer months, except for those searching for a last-minute bargain.

Using this tool, you can check what Australians and overseas visitors are looking for at other times of the year.

The Keyword Tool has been developed to use in conjunction with Google AdWords, which is an advertising medium we recommend to our clients.

But you can also use the Keyword Tool to tell you what keywords to use in your site content to help your visitors find what they’re looking for.