Visitors Flock to Lake Eyre

The fact that Lake Eyre has flooded again in 2009 is big news for tourism operators.

In between organising tours on the Eyre Peninsula, Lunch arranged a trip up to Lake Eyre for some of his guests.

More importantly, he blogged about it on his site.

While Lunch’s post doesn’t rank #1 with Google, it is ranking on page 2 and sends a good stream of visitors to his website.

This example illustrates how useful a blog is for a tourism website – a short blog post might take only 15 to 30 minutes to publish (including photos), and can start attracting relevant visitors rapidly. And once you have blog-enabled website, it doesn’t cost you anything.

Consider the time and effort required to run an ad … and how well targetted it can be. The people that are searching for lake eyre tours, finding his post and coming to his site – they are pretty relevant visitors, you would have to say.

When you publish to your blog on a reasonably frequent basis, Google will index new posts very soon after you post them. So it is a great tool for getting your story out on a particular topic.

What events are coming up in your region that people will be searching for? When they are searching, do you want them to find you?

Time to do some more blog posts!