Sweet Success for Honey Ant Readers

Margaret James is someone who feels passionate about early literacy.  Her years working in indigenous education in Central Australia led Margaret to conclude that not all Australians have fair access to the opportunity to be literate.

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Honey Ant Readers

So it is that Margaret became an advocate for Aboriginal education and for Aboriginal English as a language in its own right.

She developed the Honey Ant Reader program for Australians who use Aboriginal English rather than Standard Australian English. The program helps teach reading skills to Aboriginal English speakers so they can learn to read using the language they speak.

Michelle Leslie of Studio Bomba brought together a design that echos the colours of Central Australia and reflects the fun approach to Aboriginal Education offered by the Honey Ant Readers.

We built the Honey Ant website including an integrated Online Store.  Orders are placed and paid for securely online, with shipping costs quoted automatically direct from Australia Post systems.