Things to Do in Your Destination: using articles to build links to your website

Earning links from relevant websites is a great way to get interested visitors to your website. If you are an accommodation provider and a visitor sees you referenced on a tour operator website while they are researching their tour, wouldn’t you like them to consider you?

Not only that, each relevant link to your website is a strong vote as to how important your website is in Google’s eyes. And this helps boost your search engine rankings overall.

We have written Things to Do in XYZ articles for quite a few clients. We do this because they provide really useful information to potential visitors.

And you might consider writing one for yourself to help with earning links.

This is how it works.

If you are an accommodation provider in Brisbane, you might write a Things to Do in Brisbane article.

Do your research and find out about the tours that will interest the kind of travelers that stay in your accommodation. You can do better than bungee jumping tours if you service grey nomads.

How to do this research? Talk to your guests. Ask them about the best tours and experiences they have had (or are looking forward to). Find out their amazing stories, feel the emotions, and (if you get permission to use them) maybe even collect a few photos.

Use the web to find out the people who run these tours. Hop on the phone and speak to the tour operator personally.

Tell them you’ve been talking to your guests, want to feature their tour on your website and want to find out a bit more about the tours. Use your local knowledge to find out about what makes this tour operator special.

Perhaps ask them to send you some brochures so you can include them on your front counter.

Now write your article and publish it on your site. Don’t forget to make it memorable – use the stories (don’t use names unless you have email or written permission), share the feelings and publish the photos (once again, where you have email or written permission).

Link to the tour operator website (and if they don’t have a website, provide their phone number).

If you run a tourism website yourself, you’ll know you appreciate it when someone links to you. By publishing an article like this, you’ve created a reason for these tour operators to consider a link to you.

Follow up the article a month or so later with a letter to the tour operators and a special offer for their guests. Maybe stay in touch.

If you are a tour operator, well, it works in reverse. Find out about the accommodation providers, and write a Places to Stay in Brisbane article.

Do you get the idea?