Online Marketing

The OM4 Online Marketing Services include:

Search Engine Optimisation with Keywords.
This is a foundation document summarising the keywords and phrases that visitors use to find your website.
Search Engine Marketing with Google Adwords.
Establish a Google Adwords campaign and pay per click to direct visitors straight to your website.
Link Building.
Links from other websites to your site builds your authority and over time, increases your search engine rankings.
Local Search Optimisation with Google Local.
Use Google Local and join a page one listing of related local businesses.
Email Marketing
Make special offers or send a newsletter to customers who have opted onto your mailing list via your website.
Blogging can improve your search engine ranking; establish your profile as an industry expert and keep your website relevant, interesting and fresh.
Social Networking with Twitter and Facebook.
Produce online content that is easy to share and distribute in different ways by different social groups and social media will offer a new and exciting way to connect with customers.