Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Service

You can use a pay-per-click Search Marketing campaign to bring qualified search traffic to your site.

You pay only when someone clicks through to your landing page.

To get your PPC (pay-per-click) campaign running, you nominate a keyword group. For example, adventure travel.

We integrate your Google Analytics account with Google AdWords so you can track your paid search traffic with precision.

We will also tag a conversion page in your site so we can track successful conversions using Google AdWords reporting tools.

Pay Per Click costs are billed to you directly by Google.

It is relatively easy to setup an AdWords PPC (pay-per-click) campaign. Running an effective campaign is a bit harder.

Step One: Know your business keywords

Not all keywords are equal. Some are never searched and will never deliver visitors. Others are searched all the time, and are very competitive and expensive.

Popularity is one consideration. Also consider buying intent. Some search terms suggest an intent to buy, while other represent a search for information. Finally, consider the relevant country or region for your ad.

Step Two: Establish a Google Adwords Campaign

Opening a Google Adwords Account is free. Establishing you advertising campaign is free. You only begin paying when someone clicks on your ad.

Two ads for each ad group allows you to compare performance.

Establish a daily budget to cap your AdWords spending. Set a default bid for each ad or group of ads. If required set individual bids for each keyword. Review the Traffic Estimator to see what position your ad is likely to achieve for a specified bid.

Step Three: Create a Landing Page relevant to each Ad.

Taking a prospective customer from Adwords to a home page is a wasted opportunity. Instead use a tailored landing or conversion page to lead your visitor to a specific call-to-action.

Make an offer – a special price, free quote or more information are all examples – that allows you to capture your prospects details and develop a relationship.