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    Fast, mobile responsive websites for your tourism business.

Welcome to OM4.

If your are after a tourism website, you’ve come to the right place. We design and build tourism websites on WordPress.

A Website That Works

If you are like most tourism operators, you’ll want a website that looks good, makes it easy for visitors to find their way around, and encourages your visitors to enquire or book with you.

OM4 builds websites designed to do this for your, as well as being search engine friendly to help attract visitors.

We (OM4) have been building websites for over seven years now, mostly for clients in Australia, but also for some international clients as well. While we do a range of business websites, we do a lot of work with tourism clients.

We have hundreds of happy clients, and would love you to join us.

The Power of a Website

A website is a vital tool for a tourism business. Your customers are out on the web, using search engines, social media and other websites to research and book their own travel. If you run a hotel or accommodation business, or offer tours, getting direct business can be vital to your success. And if you are running a travel agency business, the times are changing, and a website is just as important for your tourism business as everyone else.

If you’ve been in the business for a while, you’ve probably come to realise that not all websites work as well. Sometimes there are technical problems that get in the way – over the years we’ve helped fix up a multitude of rather obvious errors in tourism websites that have stopped businesses getting indexed by Google, or worse, made it just too hard to find what people are looking for.

Sometimes websites can’t be updated, and that acts as a choke on the business. Sometimes they CAN be updated, but the content management system (CMS) makes it JUST TOO HARD to do it. So you not only need a CMS, tourism operators are finding they need an easy to use CMS so they can keep their site up to date with their business. The online world is complex, and you can’t always figure out the best way to do things first time. So you need a bit of room for trial and error – try this, if it works, do more of it, try that, if it doesn’t work, stop it and try something else. The last thing you want is a website that makes it either too costly (because you have to pay for all your updates) or too hard to make change.

Design Helps

OM4 can create a totally custom website design for your tourism business, or you can launch rapidly with one of our templates.

Update Your Own WordPress Website

You’ll have access to the user friendly WordPress content management system (CMS) to add new content or update existing content to your website. That includes web pages (that cover your accommodation or tours, specialty pages about attractions and things to do) and an integrated blog where you can add blog posts whenever you like.

E-Commerce and Online Bookings

Your website is enabled for eCommerce. We can integrate with tourism booking services such as The Booking Button, V3/frontdesk, ResOnline and Levart. so visitors can review availability, and then book/pay online with real time update of your inventory. All OM4Tourism websites can elect to display Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) bookable inventory to earn commission on 3rd party bookings. You can manage your own inventory and sell your tour / accommodation / gift products using your own Buy Now buttons, and process secure credit card payments in real time.

Keywords, Search Engines and Email Marketing

Once you have your basic website sorted out, you can choose from a variety of options that help you market and promote your business:

  • get a comprehensive Keyword Plan prepared so you understand the relative popularity of each of the keywords used by your prospective clients.
  • utilise our Search Engine Optimization services to help your website rank in Google’s search engine results for relevant keywords.
  • get a Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising campaign up and running so that your ads display for searches on specific keywords.
  • activate an Email Offers List so visitors to your site can opt-in with their email address to receive special offers.

Search Engine Friendly

OM4 websites are search engine friendly so you can attract visitors from search engines. Your website is setup to be easily indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo, and each of your web pages will have unique page titles and descriptions.


See how many visitors you get each day, which keywords they used in the search engines and which websites that referred visitors to you. See which of your pages they are viewing, and for how long.

When you know what is really going on when visitors come to your website, you can make better marketing decisions. Your OM4 website makes it easy to integrate with your own Google Analytics account.

Domains and business email

Use your own domain name for your website, and have your business email addresses linked to it. You can use most commercial email services with your website, including the popular Google Apps Standard Edition (that gives you multiple business email accounts at your domain)

Social media integration

Do you want to promote your website using Trip Advisor, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media? Your OM4 website has a rich set of features that make it easy for visitors to vote for your content in social media, and for you to feature your own social media links.

Fast, reliable, secure – and supported

Your website will run on a business grade hosting platform. Your website will be fast, reliable and secure, and if an issue does arise, an expert is on hand to resolve it. OM4’s fee is paid monthly, and there is no minimum/contractual period.

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