Six Easy Travel Posts

Here are some very simple ways to find material for a good travel blog post.

What are your customers going to find interesting? A great place to start is to review what they are already asking about.

Check Your Email Enquiries

Have a look through your recent email enquiries. (These are recorded on your site) You may find that if you put the question and your answer together your blog is 90% written. For example, “We had an enquiry the other day about …. ”

Remember Visitor Questions

It is so useful to keep a notebook handy for blog ideas. Particularly make note of questions your visitors ask when they are with you. Their questions are rich material for a blog. For example, someone wants to break their trip north by camping out overnight. You can post about camping being permitted in the National Park three hours drive away, and that you can arrange a permit by contacting Dave the ranger ….

List What Is In Season

What is happening at this time of the year in your region? Visitors are often interested in what is happening in nature each season. What produce is available, what is happening with the weather, what plants are flowering?

List Animals That Can Be Seen

Visitors are keen on animal life. Find out about the species of animals, birds and fish that are native to your region and do a blog on each group. Eg. How To Identify Local Frogs By Their Call

Read The Local Paper

You can profile a local sporting or cultural event – especially if it is something unique to your area. Give visitors advance notice of the agricultural show, festivals, travelling exhibitions, outdoor performances, craft markets etc.

Use Local History

Summarising the history of your region can make for an interesting post. For example, Five Things You Didn’t Know About the Great Ocean Road. Find out the name of indigeous people who lived or continue to live in the area. Did they have stories about the geography of the area?

Blogging does get easier. What I notice is that after a while you’ll find good blog topics jump out at you. Remember to keep a little note book handy to record your ideas for later use. Happy blogging!